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We believe Energy Modeling is crucial for implementing the appropriate cost-saving energy conservation measures within a project. Our commitment to optimized energy efficiency, healthy indoor environment green buildings motivates us to deliver amazing project results cost efficiently.

We increase your team's capacity, so you take on more projects

We are your Energy Modeling Department when you need it. Our team works on Variable Capacity based on your project flow. We know the variables that generate measurable advantages and balance your perfect look and feel with realistic energy management solutions.

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Fix your cost with our "No Change Order" policy

With us, you can predict your budget precisely, as we avoid change orders. This is a major contrast with other ways of working in the industry. This is our approach that is greatly appreciated by our clients.

We add expertise to impove your project outcome

You might want to add expertise to complete your project, and by joining ATVAGA, your team will receive all the expertise from our team of experienced engineers, specialized in Energy Modeling.


Atvaga promotes the use of energy modeling as a decision-making tool the building envelope and mechanical system design. Computer modeling helps equate first costs to life-cycle costs in the early phases. Getting specific targets for energy efficiency is helpful, and that's where Atvaga has a lot to offer.

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▶ Sustainability Consulting

Schematic Design

Schematic design phase is the ideal time to start thinking about Energy Modeling and how your building can perform in terms of energy efficiency. Simple manipulations such as shape, orientation, and window-to-wall ratios should be carefully selected to align with your sustainability goals.

Energy Modeling as a iterative mechanism

When the design of a building becomes more complex, the energy model often becomes more detailed and needs to be revised when any significant changes occur. Our goal is to provide accuracy and results. The best design suggestions are made for the triple bottom line and are completely tailored to fulfill the end objectives of our clients. 

We use energy modeling for:

- Cost saving code compliance  

- Integrative design 

- Support the proper sizing of renewable energy systems, such as solar photovoltaic, to ensure the implemented system delivers the expected savings


- Analyzing energy consumption and lifecycle costs of energy-related systems, such as heating, air conditioning, lighting, or hot water.


- Calculation the payback timeframe and the energy savings of recommended EEMs

Programs we are experts at

We are experts at such programs as: LEED, PH CPHC, Green Globes, Built Green, Zero Energy Ready homes, Resnet, Hers Index, Enegy Star.

Software we are using

We conceive your requirements thoroughly and provide you solutions. We use following innovative software tools like Autodesk, EnrgyPlus, Therm, Bluebeam,  Equest, & WUFI.



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