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Atvaga offers building energy modeling, envelope energy code compliance, air barrier design diagrams, and WUFI passive house modeling services for building owners, architects, and engineering consultants. Our energy team can provide insights and assessments regarding the latest state requirements and programs for all types of buildings including commercial, residential.

We provide building envelope analysis and consulting during early schematic brainstorming through complete design development and construction documents or at any points in between. Combining Bim, Wufi Passive, Plus, and Component software we can help your team eliminate thermal bridging, achieve superb air-tightness and continuous energy recovered ventilation strategies, manage moisture profiles to eliminate risks of mold conditions and assembly decay, and provide feedback on proper solar orientation, shading and internal gains in order to balance and minimize heating and cooling equipment and operational requirements.

energy modeling

We believe Energy Modeling is crucial for implementing the appropriate cost-saving energy conservation measures within a project. Our commitment to optimized energy efficiency, healthy indoor environment green buildings motivates us to deliver amazing project results cost-efficiently. Atvaga promotes the use of energy modeling as a decision-making tool for the building envelope and mechanical system design. Computer modeling helps equate first costs to life-cycle costs in the early phases. Getting specific targets for energy efficiency is helpful, and that's where Atvaga has a lot to offer.

WUFI passive house design & modeling

Passive building comprises a set of design principles used to attain a quantifiable and rigorous level of energy efficiency, indoor air quality, comfort, and building resilience. Our expertise, modeling toolset, and design process let us visualize and analyze building assemblies and conditions in order to steer project designs towards these high-performance goals. 

envelope energy code compliance

The aim of this service is to provide building envelope energy code compliance in the most cost-effective manner possible while also adhering to industry best practices. Our energy code experts will evaluate a project during the design phase and then review it as required during construction to determine the most efficient code compliance path.

air barrier design

To avoid possible problems with the building envelope and help prevent sick building syndrome from airtight buildings, it is critical to coordinate the air barrier design with the weatherization barrier, vapor control, thermal boundary, and proper ventilation.

Programs we are experts at

Software we are using


We are experts at such programs as: LEED, PH CPHC, Green Globes, Built Green, Zero Energy Ready homes, Resnet, Hers Index, Enegy Star.


We conceive your requirements thoroughly and provide you solutions. We use following innovative software tools like Autodesk, EnrgyPlus, Therm, Bluebeam,  Equest, & WUFI.

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